ABOUT Partminer
Supply chain information
PartMiner WorldWide Inc. is an international electronic components information source and supplier with a global linecard headquartered in Centennial, Colorado, USA. PartMiner provides intelligent solutions for designers, engineers and manufacturers working with electronic components. PartMiner''s real-time pricing, information and services support strategic decisions across the electronic supply chain and electronic component industries. They maintain vast amounts of technical information and gather transactional market intelligence throughout the world. Their expansive information gathering network and global sourcing network builds on their relationships with thousands of sources worldwide, including electronic component manufacturers, distributors, contract manufacturers, and OEMs (original equipment manufacturers). More than 300 PartMiner component professionals are positioned in the Americas, Europe, and Asia to quickly locate available inventory, identify the best pricing, and provide seamless execution of complex component transactions.
Other Investors
Includes Boston Ventures, Seacoast Capital Corporation, Vulcan Securities
Centennial, CO